Engine parts

Engine parts

We have designed a BigBore kit for the Aprilia RSV1000 (Rotax V990) due to the fact that it is not allowed with supercharging in regular racing in many countries. This kit is tested and RACE-proven by a few test-pilots over a whole race-season. The kit contains all that is needed for a BOLT-ON installation, all parts included. We use stock cylinders that is bored out and they are then fitted with a special custom made Ductile Iron sleeve. The material is spuncast SS0737 and is made specially for SpoonValley Racing to be used in our sleeves going in to the "SpoonValley Racing 1127cc BigBore Kit." We lathe the sleeves ourselves to our spec and make all the work at our local shop to ensure best quality for our customers.


Power increase can be expected to be 10-30bhp and 15-35Nm, all depending on what you already have done to your engine and how good the tuner is at your local dyno-shop.


The kit can be installed with different thicknesses of base-gaskets to adjust the compression ratio to the specs needed by the customer. Straight out of the box it has about 13.2:1 but it can be lowered to 12:1 by a thicker basegasket if you dont have high octane fuel at your local gas-station. All gaskets in our kit are CNC milled out of aluminium and copper sheet metal to our specs.

The kit contains of 2 custom made CP pistons with teflon and ceramic coating for best performance. Total Seal piston-rings for best seal and performance. The price is 19000SEK and we need your stock cylinders in exchange.


The picture shows manual camchaintensioners installed in the cylinders, they are NOT included in the kit but can be ordered extra at 1000SEK cost a set.

Kent Cams racing profile

Billet made cams for racing engines and the powerincrease can be expected to be 5-15bhp depending on other modifications to your Engine. We think they work great with the 1127cc BigBore kit and adds Close to 15bhp on our best Engine.

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