Suspension parts

Suspension parts


We have developed and are continiuesly making new parts and testing ideas for high performance motorcycles. In this section you will only find parts that are tested on the racetrack in actual races/qualifying/practices and have passed with flying colors. We believe that only these parts are good enough to offer to You. They are not cheap but they work in extrem conditions.


Aprilia RSV1000R 2004-2009

Custom made Öhlins TTX36 with separate gas and ride-height adjustment. Don't you just hate the stock rebound adjuster placed just where the exhaust is the hottest........well here is the solution.


Ultra Linear Linkage


The Ultra Linear Linkage is the cure for the rear suspension not using all of its stroke with the standard linkage. Aprilia's linkage is designed for riding 2-up, not something you do on the track. That design means that the Aprilia linkage is progressive past 85mm stroke of the swingarm. Now this is a problem for racers exiting corners and want the bike to "settle" under throttle. Once you try to pass 85-90mm stroke the suspension stiffens up and you can loose grip as the movement of the swingarm stiffens up and you push the rear too much. Riding 2-up on the road it is good as the added weight from the passenger can otherwise bottom out your suspension, but riding on the track you limit yourself to use 85-90mm stroke of the 120mm available.


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