MoTeC Electronics

Welcome to the wonderful world of electronics.

This is the future, all manufacturers add more and more electronics to their production bikes to be in front of the competition but the stock electronics of every motorcycle manfacturer is not open for any modifications. You have to play within the settings that the manufacturer lets you and sometimes that is limiting to your experience of riding. This is a safety feature that is almost mandatory for not being dragged into processes with customers changing the settings, with no knowledge of electronics, and ending up with a bike the even can be dangerous to ride. Also to remember is that these production bikes has to work for all potential customers, all over the world. That will surely end up with some sort of compromises to the bikes electronics, don't get me wrong, some of them are good but NOT near as good as a fulley tuned and personalized MoTeC management system.

Why use MoTeC?

It's pretty simple really, YOU are in control. There are many functions that can help you ride faster and safer. Traction Control is probebly the hottest discussion subject today in motorcycle racing, to be or not to be. I believe that within 5-10 years EVERY bike will have TC and ABS due to laws and traffic regulations. Motorcycle crashes almost always means serious injuries and huge COSTs, compared to car accidents.

Some argue that "real" racers dont need it and it kills the sport of motorcycle racing. Well look at it this way, how do you control 210-260bhp on the current WSBK and MotoGP bikes? The highsider crashes has almost dissapeared since TC was introduced, less injuries. You ride faster with TC, even the best in the world does that so what is the deal really? How come TC isn't looked at like yet another bike improvement? You can tune your engine with exlusive parts, changing suspension, get light wheels, better brakes........the list can go on forever but when it comes to TC as a way of riding faster there is immidiately 2 camps. There are those who hate TC and the ones that sees it just like another upgrade to your bike, like we do at SpoonValley Racing.

MoTeC ecu's, dashes are not modeldependent, you can use them on EVERY car, motorcycle, jetski,combustion-engine you can imagine. You invest in the future with a complete MoTeC system, when you change bike or car, you make a new harness and load the correct config files and off you go to the dyno. Try to see a MoTeC system like a new bike but it gets better every year without having to change model. It gets better because you as user gets better to tune it and use the functions available. The current prioroty of the common rider is the bike #1 and then you put extra parts on it. Do a little mind game, put a MoTeC system #1 and then you get a bike to put it on, let's say a 8-10 year old inline 4 with fuelinjection...........opens quite a new world right? We at SpoonValley Racing firmly believe that EVERY rider will go faster on a 8-10 year old bike with a MoTeC system than with a new bike and no MoTeC. The cost is not that different and the second hand prices are good, MoTeC keeps it's value for a long time, not like modeldependent parts like a Bazzaz or Powercommander.

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